A ‘good old-fashioned’ French kiss

The story of a ‘happy kiss’ between a French soldier and a British serviceman is now on the verge of becoming a popular film.

The romance between the two servicemen in the film, “The Soldier and the Soldier”, is being widely praised by the British public, and it has sparked an outpouring of support on social media.

Here’s what we know about the kissing scene.

What is the kiss scene?

The film, which was produced by French producer Christian Fauci and directed by Philippe Rivolain, was directed by the French-Canadian filmmaker Olivier Dallaire.

“The Soldiers” is a documentary about the French military, in which the pair meet in the middle of the night, where they discuss the challenges of being in the same regiment.

The soldier asks for a kiss, but is refused.

As they argue, the soldier explains to the French soldier that he has just been told that he will never see his mother again.

The man responds by kissing him, but the soldier says no.

The film also depicts how the soldier’s mother, Marie, was forced to leave her family when she was a child and move to France to escape the horrors of war.

After her mother was killed by German soldiers, Marie was separated from her husband, Jean, in France.

He was killed at the end of the war, but she is still living in France and is a regular on the French front lines.

The soldiers’ relationship is shown through a series of images, as the soldier kisses his wife and the French woman who he is in love with.

“I love you, soldier, for who you are, who you will be,” the French girl says in the first scene, and in the second scene, she kisses the soldier on the cheek.

As the story continues, the pair share an intimate kiss in the French countryside.

“For me, the kiss was the most important part,” the soldier tells his British partner.

In the third scene, the couple share a kiss in a field of flowers.

In a subsequent scene, a soldier takes the woman back to his home, where she is told that she is going to be allowed to stay until she is reunited with her mother.

The pair continue to exchange kisses, and are then shown standing on the street.

After the kiss, the two soldiers walk away, and the film ends with a brief shot of them in the street, which is accompanied by a video message.

The British soldier says to his British lover, “You’re the best kisser I’ve ever had,” before disappearing in the distance.

Is there a story behind the kiss?

The soldier who kissed the French man in the video said he was inspired by the war and the conflict in Syria.

He told the BBC that the kissing scenes in the movie were inspired by his own experiences, including fighting in Afghanistan.

“They are very emotional, and that’s the main reason why I wanted to do it.

It’s very emotional for me, and I love the way they’re portrayed.

It was a very emotional scene for me,” the man said.

The kiss was filmed in Syria in April 2017, with the British soldier, who was in the military for nearly five years, filming the experience.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube, has been widely praised, with many calling the scene one of the best scenes in a film.

French media outlets are also praising the kiss scenes in “The soldiers”.

The film has sparked a strong reaction on social issues, with some calling it a “kissing montage” that is anti-war.

Critics of the film also questioned whether the kiss could be considered sexual harassment.

“Is this sexual harassment?

It’s a question I can’t answer.

This is not a kiss.

It is a simple, affectionate moment,” a French blogger told the AFP news agency.

The French Defence Ministry said in a statement that the military does not condone sexual harassment of soldiers.

“No one in the army should have to endure sexual harassment or discrimination.

That is not the defence of the French Defence,” the statement said.

“We will continue to combat such acts with all the necessary tools.”

The British servicemen have also faced backlash online, with several comments calling them “shameless” and saying they were “despicable” for their actions.

One of the comments read: “This is a kiss and the guy doesn’t get to have one, so we shouldn’t expect anything.”

The kiss scene has also drawn criticism from the British military, with a spokesman for the Royal Navy calling the kiss “inappropriate and inappropriate behaviour”.

The Defence Secretary also said he would not be drawn into the issue of the kiss.

“It’s not something I can comment on, but I think it’s a matter for the French authorities,” he said.