Crypto coins have a new twist: Spanish pronunciation

A new twist has emerged in the world of crypto-currency: Spanish speakers are now pronouncing the word “caballo”.

A study conducted by Spanish-language newspaper El País found that the word caballo has become increasingly popular among Spanish speakers, who are increasingly adopting the word to refer to cryptocurrencies.

In a poll conducted by El Paí, the survey found that 51 percent of Spanish-speaking people in the UK said they had heard the word.

The survey also found that in the US, where the word was the most popular among respondents, Spanish-speakers were more likely to say they had used the word in their daily conversations.

A recent study by The Economist found that Spanish speakers who used the phrase in their everyday conversations were also more likely than those who spoke their native language.

In addition, the study found that those who had adopted the word were also less likely to use it when they were working in the digital world.

In the US alone, caballo is the second most popular word used in the workplace, after “computer” (which has a similar pronunciation in English).

A spokesperson for the British Embassy in Madrid told the Guardian that the change in pronunciation was a natural part of the English language.

The spokesperson said: “It is an understandable pronunciation that has been around for centuries and, while it is no longer widely spoken, it is still being used in everyday conversation.”

The spokesperson added that the embassy does not use caballo to refer only to cryptocurrencies, but to any technology, as the word has become an increasingly popular word in the crypto-community.

In Spain, the word can also be used to describe any digital asset, including Bitcoin.

A spokesperson at a local cryptocurrency exchange told the BBC that they do not recommend using the word when speaking to people, because it has been used for so long and is considered a common word among Spanish-Speaking people.

The Spanish language, and its native language, is considered an important language of communication.

The BBC understands that there are no plans for the word, but it is possible that it could be used as a reference to cryptocurrencies or digital assets in the future.

The word caballero has been a common in-joke amongst Spanish-Spanish people for centuries, but the Spanish language is not the only language that has a different pronunciation for the words caballo and caballo, as other Spanish-based languages also have different pronunciations.