How the refs can help in the ref war

There are no winners in the World Cup, but the sport of soccer has found a way to get through this tournament unscathed.

The refs have been there for all of the upsets.

In the case of Uruguay’s victory, it was in the third leg against the United States at StubHub Center.

In Brazil’s match against Argentina, it came in the first leg at Estadio do Maracanã.

And in Chile’s victory over Colombia, it happened in the second leg against Costa Rica.

There are still some big questions in the spotlight, but it seems like the ref has been the main focus.

And the ref’s been making the most of it.

A glance at FIFA’s website shows that the ref was the most-cited figure in the final rankings in Brazil, ahead of goalkeeper João Moutinho, forward Luis Gil and center back Paulo Ferreira.

That’s an impressive feat, especially when you consider that only 10 refs were consulted for the 2018 World Cup.

In a bid to find more refs, the World Cups organizing committee has released a list of candidates for the 2022 tournament.

The tournament’s governing body, FIFA, says the candidates are: “the best referees, who can give the best decision-making and the most clear and accurate communication.”

The list is not exhaustive, and only includes people who have had experience in soccer and/or have refereed at the World and EuroTours.

But there are a few players who are well-known, and the committee is looking for them to be considered for the job.

For starters, the most recent candidate to be on the list is Uruguayan goalkeeper Jurgen Damm.

The 32-year-old was a starter in the 2017 World Cup for Uruguay, and was one of the first players to be named the tournament’s MVP after leading the team to the quarterfinals in each of the past two tournaments.

Damm, who played at Santos Laguna and also at Real Madrid, won the 2018 Copa Sudamericana, and has been in charge of the Copa Libertadores for the past six years.

It was in his position at the 2018 tournament that Uruguay made the final, beating England 2-0 at Estadión.

In 2018, he also led Uruguay to the final of the Confederations Cup, which was played in Brazil.

Damms previous World Cup experience was with Brazil, where he was named the best player in Brazil’s World Cup squad.

He also played for Uruguay at the Copan tournament in 2019.

A few other players on the FIFA list are former MLS stars and Brazilians.

The list also includes former U.S. national team players and former World Cup captains like former U2 frontman Robbie Rogers and former FIFA World Player of the Year and U.K. midfielder Paul Scholes.

It also includes players from the U.N. and international soccer.

For those interested in the position, there are some other candidates.

The World Cup is a major event, with hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance.

The games typically feature a minimum of 30 games.

But the tournament is also filled with upsets, which can lead to a few different results.

For instance, the U-20 World Cup in 2018 was marred by a series of injuries for the U20 national team.

That year, two of the players who would have been starters in the game were ruled out, and U-19 and U20 World Cups in 2019 and 2020 were also cancelled due to injury.

But in the 2018-19 tournament, the two players who were on the starting lineup, defender Christian Pulisic and forward Jair Benitez, were not called up for the game against Mexico in the quarterfinal, despite Pulisics playing the full 90 minutes and Beniteez scoring the game winner.

The same could happen in 2019, with both goalkeeper Tim Howard and striker Alvaro Saborio suspended due to injuries.

And while some of the biggest names on the 2018 FIFA World Cup roster are still in their prime, some of them have aged, and some of those older players are playing for other clubs.

For example, former England and Germany internationals Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson are both on the World Team, and both were part of the 2018 Confederations Cups.

But some of their performances have faded in recent years, as they have gotten older.

The next FIFA World Cups will be held in Russia and Qatar.

And a handful of other nations will be competing in the 2022 World Cup as well.

It’s hard to say how many more ref changes there are going to be, but if the World Referees Association and FIFA want to add another dimension to the competition, they could try to bring in more people with experience.

“We need to make sure the ref is respected,” said former U-23 national team coach and current referee and assistant coach Chris