How the word ‘consueta’ got its first meaning

Consuetudes, or consueteres, are small objects.

They are objects that have been left behind by someone.

This could be a piece of furniture that someone left behind, or it could be the contents of a cup.

There are a lot of ways that these objects could be put together, and the meanings of the words consueta, consueto, consucceto, and consuccito are all fascinating.

The word ‘convoita’ is used to describe this sort of thing.

It comes from the word convoita, which means to put something together, which has been left over.

It’s very specific to the word.

The word ‘coppa’ is also from this word, which is a verb that means to arrange something together.

So, when we see that the word “consuetere” comes from “consuccetere”, and “consucetudo” comes directly from “convoitia”, we know that they are all related.

And that means that we have to look at the way these words have been written to find out what the meaning of the word consuétudo is.