How to deal with a scammer in your social network

LONDON (AP) A Canadian woman is suing a British man who she claims made her a phony friend and used her to make money on social media.

Court documents filed Thursday in Ontario’s provincial court say the couple had been dating for a year before she filed a complaint in March 2015 with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

The man, a Canadian citizen living in the United Kingdom, told her he was studying for a diploma in English literature at the University of Glasgow, court documents said.

He later left for Scotland, where he became a British citizen.

The woman then said the man contacted her and her husband to get money and then told them he was trying to help them out.

She said she did not know that her husband had gone to Scotland and that he was not able to provide his ID and date information.

The couple agreed to meet the man on Oct. 14, 2015, at the London airport.

The court papers say the man agreed to send the woman $20 to cover her travel expenses and then left the airport.

The woman and the man went to the man’s hotel room.

She says the man showed her a photograph of himself in a car with a white sheet on the back, and she later learned that he had gone through with the scam.

The suit alleges the man had been making fake social media accounts that pretended to be from a university in London.

It said he also made false and misleading statements about his education.