How to have a good time with your kids

The new definition of consueteudes is something you can learn from the old definition.

It means having fun and not getting too serious with the activity.

It also means enjoying yourself with others.

Consueteude is defined as having fun with your family, friends and colleagues.

“Consuetudes are a great way to bring a bit of spontaneity to a busy family holiday or social outing.”

They also bring the family together for some light socialising and make your holiday weekend more enjoyable,” Ms Gough said.”

The new definition is one you can use in your everyday life.

“This is a great opportunity to enjoy a good night out and to help people think about their family and their responsibilities.”

Consuetteude is a very specific type of fun, and one that is easy to pick up and understand.

The word is from the Latin word consuere, which literally means “to bring joy”.

“It’s a great phrase for when you’re not sure what to do with your busy day or don’t feel comfortable in the way you want to spend it,” Ms Macquarie said.