How to pronounce ‘Cup’ conundrum

CONSTANTINE, N.Y. — A woman who had no idea what the word “cup” meant had to start learning it.

In her apartment in Brooklyn, Elizabeth Smith, 33, had no clue how to pronounce the word, which means “a small bowl.”

“My mom told me that it meant ‘a small box’ and I couldn’t pronounce it,” Smith said.

She had to get her dad to take her to a local library, but he said he couldn’t teach her.

“He told me I was wrong.

It’s a Spanish word, so I guess I was a little confused,” she said.

“But then he explained to me the difference between the cup and the bowl, and I really liked it.”

Now, Smith, who has a Master’s degree in education, is studying the word.

Her teacher, James M. Kost, said he has had to teach students that “cup is a very common word” in Latin and other languages, and he said it can mean anything from “small box” to “cupboard.”

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