‘Madden 16’ fans may have to do more than read a tweet

Fox Sports News has reported that players in Madden 16 may have a chance to learn more about their favorite game.

While the Madden franchise has had its fair share of controversies in recent years, this week the company confirmed that a new multiplayer mode will be added to the game this weekend.

Madden franchise fans may want to play with a friend or two if they are not in a squad of friends to improve their Madden skills, according to the report.

Players can choose to play a team of three players in a two-player online mode, which can be accessed via a login screen.

The mode will feature an online game mode with a “team mode” where players can play on a single team, but not compete against one another.

The online mode is scheduled to launch at a later date, and is expected to be released sometime during the month of October.