Microsoft says it is making more than $3 billion in revenue from Skype, Xbox, and the Office suite of applications.

Microsoft said it earned $3.5 billion in operating revenue for the fiscal quarter ended March 31.

The company is still struggling to recover from the loss of the original Microsoft.

Microsoft said in a statement that it saw revenue growth of 16.7% for the full year, or $3,717 billion, from $3B to $4.2B, which is “still down from our guidance for the year” and is “not reflective of the significant growth we expected.”

That includes revenue growth from the Office and Skype businesses.

The business is seeing more revenue from Office.

The Office business accounted for more than half of Microsoft’s total revenue, and it accounted for almost 40% of its total operating profit.

“The Office business is experiencing an extraordinary amount of growth and we are excited about its future,” Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Julie Larson-Green said in the statement.

Microsoft’s operating revenue grew by more than 15% from the same quarter last year.

Microsoft also made more money from the Xbox One business, which saw its revenue grow by 20%.

Microsoft said that it’s expanding its Xbox Live subscription service, Xbox Live Gold, to a wider audience.

Microsoft announced its fiscal third quarter earnings on March 31, 2017.

It also said that the Xbox 720 and Xbox One consoles will have a combined revenue of $1.9 billion.