‘Talladega Nights’ Star Willing to Make ‘Truly Epic’ Return

On Thursday, Talladega is set to make his “Truly, Epic” return with the release of “Talladesga Nights” 2.

That title will feature the return of the iconic theme song, as well as a new song from his last solo album.

In addition, Talladesga will be returning to the franchise for a new episode, the first time in 20 years that he hasn’t been in a season, according to the Atlanta-based rapper.

The new episode is titled “Tallahassee” and it will air on Thursday at 8 p.m.

ET on the Fox network.

It is the second time the show will be featured on Fox this year.

The second season of Talladesaga will be available on Netflix starting in March.

The Atlanta-born rapper’s upcoming appearance on the series was the first of many times he has returned to the show, which is created and produced by FX and Fox Television Studios.

He also had a brief appearance in a Season 2 episode called “Riding the Fire.”

The episode was released in March and featured him singing about being a gangsta rapper in the show’s opening credits.