The best Italian players from each season

1 / 1 It’s a long list of great Italian footballers who have made their mark on European football.

One of the more notable names is Giorgio Chiellini, a defender who has captained Milan in all competitions and scored over 40 goals for the Rossoneri.

His arrival at Juventus was greeted with great excitement by the Italian media, who proclaimed his arrival “a gift from heaven”.

The young midfielder was the darling of the fans of the club and was dubbed by Gianluigi Buffon as “the next great star in Serie A”.

Chiello is arguably one of the most gifted young midfielders in Serie B, with the youngster’s speed and technique at the heart of his playmaking.

He has already played in the World Cup, the Champions League, and the UEFA Super Cup and is a key member of the Bianconeri’s current squad.

He will make his Serie B debut in this season’s group stage against Napoli.

His talent and versatility make him a real player for both Italy and Europe.

Giorgi Chielli is the best Italian footballer ever, says @GiorgioChiellina – L’Equipe (@LEquipe) March 11, 2019 2 / 2 The future for Giorgios Chiella is bright with Juventus.

Gio Chieelli is the most promising Italian midfielder in the game, says the official @GioChiello.

#Juventus #Bianconeri #Juve #Chielli – L’ (@L-Equipe_com) March 10, 2019 In 2016, Chieci was the most expensive player in Serie C. His price tag of €24 million was a huge amount for a player who only joined the club from Udinese.

It was a major blow for the club as he had already made a name for himself in Serie D. Chiechi was a constant threat, making tackles in the middle of the pitch and scoring goals.

In a way, he’s the perfect player for the Biancinese, as he is a very physical defender with great pace and agility.

Chiese was one of Europe’s best midfielders, making a total of 13 Serie A appearances, winning the 2014 Serie A Golden Ball and winning the Golden Boot in 2014-15.

Chieta is the perfect replacement for Chiezzi and a key man for the squad.

Giro d’Italia, Giro dell’Orca, Giregio Chiesa, Giochio Chiesi: the list of young Italian stars who have been making a name in the big time.

#LaBologna #Giro #Chiesa #JuvenianMensAvenir A post shared by The Times Football (@thetimesfc) March 9, 2019 The future of Chie and Gio is very bright, with Juventus looking to continue to compete in Serie E this season.

Chiedo is the ideal man for this role, as they have two players who are capable of playing in a midfield role.

They will be joined by Giro, a young talent who was born in Rome but has already won a few Serie A titles.

Giammario Chietta was an absolute joy to watch when he scored for the Giallorossi against Bologna.

He’s a midfielder who will add a new dimension to Juventus’ midfield and is currently being tracked by several clubs around Europe. 

Giampiero Ventura is another young player who could be a key part of the team in 2017-18.

Ventura is a natural goal scorer and can play as a right-sided midfielder, although he prefers to play as an attacking midfielder, as his technical ability will allow him to dominate in the air.

Gino Cunego, who was signed from Bolognese club Palermo, has also made a great impression on the Biancocelesti.

He can play a central role and his pace and technique can create havoc on the opposition.

Giorgi Verdi was one the best players in Serie F in 2014 and has a chance to make a big impression this season with Inter Milan.

He is a highly skilled and powerful striker who can also play as either a winger or as a defensive midfielder.

He scored a hat trick against Napoleto Bolognese in the 2014-2015 season and he will be looking to add another goal in Serie P to his collection this season, as Inter Milan are looking to repeat as runners-up in the league.

Graziano Pelle, the second highest paid player in the Serie A last season, is also a key player for Juventus.

He was part of Juventus’ squad that reached the Champions’ League