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This article is about the word,consul, which can mean “friend”, “partner”, or “partnered”.

Consul is an adverb meaning “to be friendly” and means “to go along with, to give support, to follow, to be in favour of, to encourage, to like, to recommend”.

The English equivalent is to be friendly.

This adverb comes from the verb consuite meaning to be “friendly” or “to associate with”, which is also a form of the adverb consuette meaning “friendly”.

This adverbs is also an extension of the word consuete, meaning “friend” or something similar.

This form of consueta means “friendly to” or similar.

There are many forms of consul in the English language.

In Latin, the word meaning “person” is conso (meaning “one”), which means “person”.

In English, a person is any human being with the capacity for reason.

A person is considered to be human if they have the capacity to reason and to have moral qualities such as honesty, respect, and self-interest.

The word consul is used in two ways to describe a human being:The first meaning of the noun consul (in Latin) is “friend”.

This meaning has an interesting connotation.

Consul is often used to describe people who are friendly and are not evil.

Examples: “You’re a consul, are you?” or “Your consul friend is my friend”.

The second meaning of consuls (in English) is to “adopt” or to “share in common”.

Examples: I adopt your consul as my friend.

“I adopt your friend, are they friends?”

“Your friend is a consuls, are she friends?”

These are two different ways of using the word.

Consul has many other meanings, and these are also used in different ways.

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