Wikipedia has been taken down from Facebook article Facebook is taking down Wikipedia, saying it violated its Community Standards.

The move follows a backlash to the site’s removal of a number of controversial articles.

The article “Conspiracy theory is a very old and tired meme,” reads the notice on Wikipedia’s Community Standards page.

“Wikipedia is a place to discuss the latest research and ideas in a fun, friendly and informative environment.

It is not intended to promote or incite hatred or bigotry.”

Wikipedia said it was making the changes to comply with the terms of service for the service and a court ruling in the US, which found that the website violated the site operator’s community standards.

In a statement, Facebook said it had taken the steps it believed were necessary to protect the safety and security of its users.

“We understand the importance of ensuring Wikipedia is available to our community of users, and we want to do everything we can to ensure it remains accessible and accessible to everyone,” it said.

“We’ve taken this action because Wikipedia’s community standard is clear: we do not allow or encourage content that is not in line with Wikipedia’s content guidelines.”

The site’s Community Standard is the most stringent of the site operators’ guidelines and states: “Do not use Wikipedia for your own gain.”

In addition to Wikipedia, Facebook has also taken down several other sites including the Wikipedia encyclopedia, which it has since removed.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted: “WikiLeaks, which has been blocked by Facebook for over a year, has been restored by our supporters and our legal team.

The world is safe now.”

Earlier this month, the site announced it would no longer be accessible to users after being blocked for six months.